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Baby special dress leather shoes for toddlers

Flat foot support girls and boys black loafers

Homera Gold

Gold lovely shoes with best arch supportDressy supportive leather shoes for girls. Pigeon toe preventive shoes for girls.They offer heel support sturdy back t..

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Janeta Silver

Posture corrective girls sandals for child with ankle pronationTip toe walking preventive leather shoes for girls.Beautiful dress shoes for a child.European m..

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Japonia Gold

Right ankle turning in toddler fix shoesCorrective shoes for children who are pigeon toes. Shoes are ankle high with reinforced heel support. Orthopedic arche..

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Japonia Purple

Adorable baby or toddler orthopedic shoes with good ankle support. Lovely model made out of purple leather. Easy on and off model and easily closes with side ..

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Joanna Beige

Wonderful beige leather dressier shoes for girls. Lovely, unique and functional leather shoes for girl. They are light beige in leather and have beige tint st..

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Jupa Beige

Foot supination fix high top baby shoesSupination means when ankles go outwards, inwards it is called pronation. Those shoes are perfect for both conditions s..

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