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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Loki Navy

Dressy sneakers for a toddler from Spain

Navy leather shoes for a toddler from Spain.
Dressy leather shoes for a child that will match any blue or jeans outfit.
Easy closure child leather shoes.
Great arches present, ankle support at its best for a toddler.
Will not sweat in those leather boots ever, acti-fresh anti sweat soles.
Made in Europe not China - big difference, China does not know what ortho leather boots even are.
Cheap leather boots from China will deform your kids feet
You can see children in USA walking around with pronated and pigeon toes and parents think that is normal.
No, it is not!
Those children have deformed feet from cheap boots already and with time it will get even worst.
They begun to trip and pronate even more and then orthodics will be needed
Problem with orthodics is they will never restore your kids feet - they only make some improvement.
Orthodics hit deformed bones in feet but boots will align entire foot - not just points of deformation in feet.
You start notice ankle pronation, pigeon toes - that is caused by cheap shoes and boots.
Avoid all the cheap none leather shoes and boots crocks, UGS, cheap sneakers, boots with no heel or arch support.
They will deform kids feet, and yes they do keep feet deformed.
Worst and worst with time.
Kids feet are like jello you can form them anyway you like and we Europeans invest in good boots for a child from the start.
Cheap non orthopedic boots simply shut and deform kids feet and no orthodics in a world will restore them.
If child gets to the point of orthodics their feet are already deformed and destroyed.
Don't let the child to deform their feet with low garbage boots - we never ever do that in Europe since we do not buy cheap boots at all.
Shoes for kids are regulated in Europe thus no cheap boots are allowed for sale in any department store in Europe.
We buy local orthopedic boots approved by European Ministry of Health.
Invest in quality leather boots for your child, European ones - they are only orthopedic ones.
Every child wears them in Europe and they do not have deformed feet.

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