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Durable boys shoes
Made in Europe not China so they hold up like iron.
Flat foot support for boy
Quality leather support all in one fit.
Foot turning inward corrective shoes kids.
Feature reinforced heel that is preventive for pronation.
Orthopedic support present with good arch support.
None sweat soles inside so no smelly feet in them ever.
Fashionable, flexible and full of style.
Gray/lime leather.
Best soles high arches profiled soles.
Absolute top quality shoes for a child
Shoes are important for kids since they form kids feet so let them better be quality ones
Low quality shoes deform children feet.

Flat foot support for a boy

Quality leather support all in one fit


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Zelnik, San Francisco 2015-12-11 00:01:37

Sharp and well made shoes for a boy. Can be as a sneaker or dressier shoe so we use them both ways. Most important great leather and support is there that I do not find in any American (I mean chinese made) brands. The shoes for kids sold in local stores are horrible and have zero support. Never seen such crap in my life. In Europe any brand you pick from the store or online for a child is orthopedic and top quality. Here there is simply no quality shoes at all. Glad that I can at least buy them online for my son, will be regural customer of course.