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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Jomer jeans

Durable blue boys kids sandals

Durable kids sandals
Good leather arch support sandals for boys that are durable.
Heel support for comfort in walking and preventive for many feet problems
Ortho sandals for kids at its best only made out of best leather with actual arches.
High arch support for kids present since they form kids feet.
Pronation best high top sandals for boys.
Why? They offer ankle support for kids feet
When child is walking, running, jumping support is present at all times.
Over time shoes with high ankle support will align boys feet and posture.
Pronation improves in about 1 year in 3 years will be gone.
Just continue with ankle high boots, sneakers or other European high tops.
Child needs ankle support when they are small and growing.
Joins in the back of the heel needs support and stabilization.
Lovely jeans blue and white leather.
None sweat soles present so no smelly feet in those sandals ever.
No blisters either as they padded inside and correctly measured for average boys foot.
Best ortho sandals for a boy very important for foot development.
Sandals are imported from Europe - not china so quality is 100% present.

Pronation best high top sandals for boys with good arches

Excellent arch support sandals for kids


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