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French made leather teen silver sandals

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  • Europe leather teen silver sandals
    Comfort, dressy or casual silver leather girl sandal from France.
    Great comfort style for a woman silver sandals.
    Perfect silver style for a teen girl with excellent support.
    Fashionable, supportive and elegant silver sandals.
    Three kind of silver leather nicely arranged on one foot sandals.
    Sandals manufactured according to high orthopedic standards set in France.
    Silver leather decorated with white metallic stripes sandals.
    Easy buckle close in silver metal.
    All orthopedic silver sandals best quality designed to form and support girls feet.
    High arches at its best comfy soles silver unique sandals.
    Designed for walking in comfort as they feature it all along best support.
    Perfect to everyday wear and fancy silver or natural outfits.
    Total comfort even for women as they run to big sizes.
    Try them they durable like hell - will last entire season with ease.

    They are in silver leather and they match just about anything for Summer.
    Great arches present in the soles since no flat sandals is ever produced in Europe.
    Sole is well profiled with good support and set on silver leather straps.
    Soles are molded to reflect the arch support so it is visible and supports the foot to perfection.
    Sole never goes flat since rubber is flexible and that alone support arches to perfection.
    There is four companies one in France, one in Poland, one in Serbia and one in Italy  that measure, manufacture and mold the soles to kids feet.
    They have to pass various tests so they are aligned with Orthopedic Ministry of Health regulations.
    There is no such thing as flat silver shoes manufactured locally in France nor not orthopedic for all the children.
    Shoes form and support kids feet so it is important they are measured well, support foot well so kids feet develop correctly.
    All the Footwear is regulated by Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
    That is why prevention of orthopedic issues is a key when child is young and their feet are growing and forming.
    All local kids do not wear shoes from China with no support since their feet will get destroyed and deformed.
    That is why French parents always invest in good shoes for a child from the day they start to walk.
    No child is left behind with pronated feet or pigeon toes since good shoes will prevent all those conditions.
    It is known orthopedic knowledge supported by every pediatrician and foot doctor in any European country.
    Basically if kids wear cheap shoes their feet will collapse and pronate.
    Truth is they wear them for maybe 7 months but during that time they form and support their feet correctly.
    Only 2 pairs are needed for whole season of good supportive shoes with good arches and if child is pronating good ankle support.
    Those silver sandals have great arch support, good leather and they are well suited for a teen girl or older child.

    Supportive sandals in silver leather for girls

    Silver fashion good arch girls sandals


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