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Europe leather teen silver sandals

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Manufacturer Bopi

Product Code: Eclo Silver

  • SKU: 02-457858
  • Europe leather teen silver sandals
    Comfort, dressy or casual silver leather girl sandal from France.
    Great comfort style for a woman silver sandals.
    Perfect silver style for a teen girl with excellent support.
    Fashionable, supportive and elegant silver sandals.
    Three kind of silver leather nicely arranged on one foot sandals.
    Sandals manufactured in Europe according to high orthopedic standards by Bopy.
    Silver leather decorated with white metallic stripes sandals.
    Easy buckle close in silver metal.
    Great arches present in the soles since no flat sandals is ever produced in Europe.
    Sole is well profiled with good support.
    All orthopedic silver sandals best quality designed to form and support girls feet.
    High arches at its best comfy soles silver unique sandals.
    Designed for walking in comfort as they feature it all along best support.
    Perfect to everyday wear and fancy silver or natural outfits.
    Total comfort even for women as they run to big sizes.
    Try them they durable like hell - will last entire season with ease.

    Supportive sandals in silver leather for girls

    Silver fashion good arch girls sandals


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