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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Wings Gray

Designer European gray leather boots from Spain

European great quality girls fashion boots.
Absolute best shoes made in Spain
Biomecanics soles and heel support.
The sole is overlapping the heel and keeping feet straight
Pronation, pigeon toe and weak ankles corrective leather boots.
Orthopedic arches present with antibacterial innersoles.
Silver leather mix with dark rose and gray leather wings.
Lovely and interesting print on those lovely boots.
Double velcro close and super nice fit.
Waterproof for rainy weather and best for Spring or Fall. 
Super soft flexible soles that are designed in University of Bolonia
Biomecanics have the best flexible soles that all children love.
Comfort is a key in those lovely boots.
They are orthopedic and the best that you can buy.
Unique well made with good support inside and reinforced ankle support.
Good arches, ankle support orthopedic boots.
None slip soles with traction for winter.
Very light in weight since boots cannot be heavy.
Unique color for girls and they match many outfits - pretty much any color as they pop on kids feet.

Top quality corrective ankle boots for girls

Boots that are pronaction corrective for kids


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