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European white leather ortho shoes for girls

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Manufacturer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Gremba Multi

  • SKU: 66-7895214
  • European shoes for a child with good support.
    Exceptional quality leather shoe decorated with colorful hearts.
    Every color present and they pop on kids feet.

    Soft leather profiled soles and anti sweat soles
    Child can wear them barefoot entire Spring or Summer
    Proper orthopedic shoes for girls that will support their feet and promote healthy growth.
    European shoes are the only orthopedic ones that does form kids feet and restore any orthopedic problems child might experience.
    Most of orthopedic problems in kids are caused by low quality shoes with no support.
    Avoid cheap shoes, sneakers and junk shoes in general
    They cause more damage for kids feet then you can even imagine.
    Entire body gait is affected if feet are deformed and later at older age person will experience various foot, back and knee pain.
    There is no surgical procedure to fix that

    Fun shoes for girls with high support

    Good arch summer shoes for kids


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