Extra wide feet house shoes for a baby

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Muletka Orange

Extra wide feet baby house shoes.
Flat foot baby house shoes best orthopedic slippers for toddlers.
Made out of orange/pink plead canvas material
Arches present in the soles of the house shoes.
Arch support is contoured into the sole of the model and leather lining goes on the top.
Reinforced ankle support that keeps feet stable, straight and aligned into correct position.
New technology of shoe making soles are orthopedic and they support little feet.
There is no flat slippers ever produced in Europe
Certified by Orthopedic Ministry of Health as all the shoes and slippers produced in Europe.
Every company in Europe produces orthopedic extra wide slippers for kids.
Those house shoes form kids feet and feet are supported in a house all the time.
It could be worn to daycare.
Absolute best extra wide house shoes for kids.

Flat foot baby orthopedic ankle support for kids

Good arch house shoes for new walkers


Vanika C  -  01/01/2020

Good for wide chubby feet, they fit well and support is there for sure.

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