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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Mola Gold

Closed toe baby gold leather sandals

Falcotto baby closed toe sandals
Baby shoes with high back support
Made out of gold leather decorated with gold flowers.
Perfect closed toe sandals for a child for Summer.
Pronation best corrective shoes with proper ankle and foot support for toddlers.
Heel is ankle high, stable and holding little feet in a packet
Pronation preventive shoes that every baby do need.
Modern version of a high top and type of shoe that every baby should wear.
Ankle supportive baby shoes with good orthopedic arches inside.
Feet will never sweat in them due to special innersoles.
They absorb sweat from kids feet so no smelly feet ever in those cool shoes.

Soft cute walker baby shoe.
Super cute, flexible little shoe/sandal and could be worn without socks.
Avoid cheap shoes from China that will destroy and deform your kids feet.
Pigeon toe, pronation is caused by wearing none supportive shoes when a child.
Cheap flimsy shoes cause that type of Crocks, Keens, Merrels, Converse, UGS and other none supportive shoes.
China has no clue what supportive shoe even is and how to manufacture one!

Baby shoes with high back support

Excellent orthopedic arch support for a baby


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