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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Jupa Pink

Fallen arches orthopedic shoes for girls

Fallen arches orthopedic shoes for girls
Orthopedic ankle supportive baby Spring or Summer shoes.
Great ankle support that is needed for pronation and ankle alignment.
Reinforced ankle support that is added to the heel of every genuine European shoe.
Great pink leather shoes for a little girl.
Orthopedic arches are added into the rubber soles in those shoes.
Arch is basically contoured into the soles and leather lining goes on the top on those shoes.
All genuine European shoes are made like that - no exception.
Except those made in China (copies of European shoes that do not have orthopedic soles in them).
Those are genuine ankle shoes and made in Europe 100%.
Rubber soles are made in Europe and contoured to kids feet.
Soles are not made in China or India since they will not be orthopedic and no support in them.
Rubber never goes flat so support stays in that little shoe at all times during the wear of those super shoes.

Those are one corrective shoes for their feet and posture posture.
Child wears those shoes and their feet begun to correct and align.
Medical shoes with actual support for walking.
Inside they have antibacterial innersoles so no smelly feet in them ever.
Best shoes for a baby to learn how to stand and walk
Those shoes offer stability, control and support in walking.
Made in Europe best brand of shoes for a child. 

High top toddler shoes for weak ankles

Pronation best shoes for a toddler


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