Fat feet baby house shoes with high instep

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Whale Gray

Fat feet baby house shoes with high instep
Corrective house shoes for toddlers with weak ankles and flat feet.
European made slippers/canvas shoe for baby boy.
Gray canvas material featuring a yellow whale.
Side clip - fully adjustable and that feature alone keeps ankle stable and elevated.
You can make them adjustable as you like and foot will be stabilized perfectly with that clip alone.
Flexible gray breathable air ventilation rubber sole.
Arches present in the soles where orthopedic arch is molded into the sole of the model.
The bump is contoured into the soles since rubber will never goes flat and foot will be supported.
Orthopedic soles are added to every model of shoe or slipper produced in Europe.
There is no such thing as flat shoes in Europe.
Every model produced in Europe has orthopedic arch and reinforced ankle support added into the soles.
That way rest assured that your child's feet will be perfectly supported.
Worn inside the house, daycare or in a sunny weather.
Every child wears them all day long as they best alternative to leather shoes.
Foot is supported same way as in leather shoes.
Those slippers were invented by orthopedic doctor in Europe 35 years ago and millions of children wore them in Europe.
They are perfect to wear in a house, daycare or school.
Millions and millions of sold year after year in Europe and many brands offer them in Europe since they simply the best. 

House shoes for toddlers with weak ankles and flat feet

Flex sole baby slippers with ankle support


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