Fixing overpronation in kids best shoes

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Fixing overpronation in kids shoes
Yes, it could be done with consistency of good shoes
Do not switch them with cheap shoes for rotation as you never see any improvement.
Corrective with excellent support for pronation and toe walking
Arch support is added to the sole of every European model and contoured with arch support.
Leather lining goes on the top of that with antibacterial innersoles.
About 20 years ago Italians begun producing orthopedic soles that contoured arch support in the sole.
That method is much more effective since rubber sole never goes flat and supports child's foot to perfection.
Leather bump inside that used to was used was changed in favor of those soles.
Leather inside always goes flat since it is a soft pliable material.
What is great about those sneakers is best ankle support that prevents pronation.
Made out of navy red nubuck leather.
Proper orthopedic foot forming shoes for a boy.
Evey child wears such shoes in Europe and kids end up with well formed feet and posture.
No cheap shoes with zero support are sold in Europe - only orthopedic supportive shoes as those.
Shoes for kids in Europe are seen as developmental need for their posture, feed and body gait.

Corrective with excellent support for walking

High arch insole casual sneaker shoes for kids


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