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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Deana Blue

Fixing overpronation in kids yellow sneakers

Fixing overpronation in kids sneakers.
Orthopedic sneakers for girls with weak ankles
Ankle supportive best with reinforced heel for walking.
They are supportive for ankles, pronation, supination and bow legs.
Nike, New Balance and other common sneakers are soft at the heel and have no orthopedic arch inside.
Those sneakers do have that and good orthopedic arch that is added to the sole of the model.
Basically sole is formed on kids foot to provide bet support.
Leather lining just goes on the top for comfort.
Antibacterial innersoles so no sweaty feet in them ever.
Sole is a key in European shoes since it have to be contoured to support the arch in the foot.
Perfect Fall sneakers for a girl with proper orthopedic support.
Made out of navy leather with gold mix.
They pop on kids feet in instant.
They close with zipper and laces optional.
Made in France out of best leather possible.
Very easy to clean with soap, water and brush
They will never bleed once washed since leather is completely dyed in Europe.
Perfect model for regural to wide feet child.
Easily adjustable with laces for any kind of instep.

Orthopedic sneakers for boys with weak ankles

Blue leather sneakers for kids with arches


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