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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Goblet Gray

Gray leather loafers for boy with flat feet

Flat feet best loafers for boys
Handsome boys loafers with actual orthopedic support present.
Perfect to wear them entire Spring or Summer with no socks.
They are soft, well made with profiled soles.
Color is gray neutral with some orange.
Proper ankle support and none sweat soles present.
Perfect slip on shoes for a boy that are casual and could be dressy as well.
Made in Europe not China - huge difference - like night and day.
Europe makes only supportive shoes for kids and they are regulated by orthopedic society in Europe.
Shoes form and support kids feet so it is important that they wear only best shoes at all times.
Kids feet are growing, forming so it is important that they wear best shoes at all times to avoid all the orthopedic problems.
Shoes sold in USA and imported from China are the worst shoes possible.
They do not benefit the child in any way and they destroy kids feet in the long term.
Just look around at the school and playground - you will see children with pronated ankles, pigeon toes and collapsed ankles.
What do you thing caused all those issues?
Garbage shoes from China since they did more damage to their feet then imaginable.
Go up a size on those shoes as they run small

High arch support with orthopedic support

Boys loafers with good support


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