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Flexible sneakers for a toddler with good arch.
Arch support is added into the sole of the model like all the shoes in Europe.
There is NO flat shoes ever produced in Europe - they all have arches added to the sole of the model,
Ankle is supported to perfection and prevents foot pronation.
Every shoe manufactured in Europe is produced like that no matter what brand as long as they are made in Europe.
Comfy yellow and blue unisex sneakers for a child with good support.
Flexible sneakers for a toddler with good arch.
Yellow and blue and made with mash material and smooth leather.
Great arches present.
Will not sweat in those sneakers even barefoot.
Those sneakers are truly super, good ankle support, flex sole.
We sell many of them every season
New colors every season.
Great sneaker for boy or girl.

Comfy sneakers for toddlers

Good arch sneakers for kids


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Stacy C, Oak Brook IL 2019-08-08 16:48:34

Great sneakers - cute and well made. My son loves them. There is a good ankle support and arches are in the soles of the shoes like al the shoes made in Europe these days. I had about 4 pairs of those shoes in different colors and they are far the best sneakers for my son, Thanks,

Anna K 2017-02-02 17:02:12

I am not satisfied under the following reasons: 1) I cannot see, feel, if I touch, any arch support. I will need to buy insole separately 2) There are stain of glue inside one shoe and dirt stain on the insole inside the other one I am not returning the sneakers because my son loves them. Compared to biomechanics, they are just another sneakers like any other, not on the biomechanics quality and technical features. Kinga team, please do not write about arch support if there is not any!