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Foot deformation healthy restorative boots for boys

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Chrobry Gray

  • SKU: 17-74578
  • Foot deformation best boots for children
    Ankle supportive leather boots with high arches
    Shoes to prevent toe walking for kids
    Gray/blue natural leather and hint of yellow.
    Stable walking ortho boots for a child with feet problems.
    They will restore kids feet over time and you can only do that with proper shoes.
    Avoid local shoes sold in the store as they are not orthopedic
    Shoes made in China or low cost countries are made cheap and have no support of any kind, they are also not fitted and often too wide for average child's foot.
    Manufacturing shoes is a time consuming process for any factory.
    Soles are measured for average child's foot and if they are too wide, too narrow they adjust it until it is correct.
    Leather is well processed without use of any harmful chemicals. (china adds Mercury to any leather they produce, so it is toxic as hell against your skin)
    No ortho arches, no heel support present,
    Cheap shoes causing foot problems in kids like flat feet, ankle pronation, pigeon toes, weak ankles, in-toe, bow legs,
    97% of children are born with normal feet and they do not display any feet problems.
    If parent puts low quality shoes over time they will destroy their feet.
    All orthopedic problems are caused by low quality shoes.
    Every medical professional in Europe will tell you that.

    Ankle supportive leather boots with high arches

    Shoes to prevent toe walking for kids


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    Tatiana 2014-04-11 21:07:26

    Wonderful, sturdy and quality leather boot. Beautiful color too! Very happy with them and my son wore them entire winter. They were his fave shoes by far. I like the support inside since this is the most important thing for the foot where is it growing and developing. No one knows that in USA and those poor kids wear those cheap shoes with no support. No young parent even knows that since local pediatricians have no clue how important shoes are for kids posture and foot development. Maybe this is due to the fact that no one even produces shoes in USA kids and adults included and this is just an excuse to buy crap?

    J.C - Hong Kong, China 2014-02-08 13:56:36

    Thank you for sending me such wonderful boots. They are colorful and extremely well made. I wanted a boot with good arch support and sturdy heel for my 3 years old. I got him a couple of quality shoes while on vacation in Italy and since then I had a hard time buying them in Hong Kong. We have a Naturino store here but no other brands besides that that. I tried to order from few Italian shops I have found on-line but most of them do not ship to China. You were the only one to ship them for me and I am so pleased. We got them via Air Mail to our door within 2.5 weeks of delivery. No custom fees either and wrapped nicely in a sturdy box. The size was correct as you did measured them correctly in cm - so we are very pleased. I will be ordering more pairs very soon since it was a great transaction for me.