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Foot forming shoes for kids with ortho support

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  • Foot forming shoes for kids with ortho support
    Orthopedic boys slippers with proper foot and ankle support.
    All footwear made in Europe is orthopedic - no cheap shoes or slippers are produced.
    Only best quality foot forming shoes for children of all ages.
    Shoes support kids feet and provide needed support for feet and posture.
    Feet needs to be formed correctly so they can function well entire life and support posture.
    That is why European Ministry of Health controls entire footwear industry for children.
    Every brand in every European country have to follow the rules and manufacture supportive orthopedic shoes as those.
    Good result is that children in Europe do not walk around with flat feet, pronated ankles and pigeon toes.
    That is a payoff for price you pay on those shoes.
    We Europeans view them as foot forming best shoes you can buy.
    It is a foot developmental need for a child - so we spent the money on them since they are best for kids feet.
    We avoid cheap shoes from China like plague.
    Why would you want to destroy and deform kids feet - to save few bucks?
    Good supportive shoes cost money and they always did in Europe.
    We buy 2 pairs a season for each child for entire 5-6 months of wear.
    Kids wear them and end up with well formed feet and best posture.
    Those house shoes are no exception.
    Slip on slippers with velcro closings for kids
    Canvas material made with proper ankle support that holds the foot and ankles.
    Good arches are added to the sole of the model since there is no flat shoes in Europe anyway.
    None sweat soles present so no smelly feet in those ever.
    Sole on them stays white and clean at all times as they do not change any color.

    Slip on slippers with velcro closings for kids

    Good arch best support house shoes


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    Jason D, Frisco TX 2018-06-13 23:12:57

    Good slippers with good arch inside, durable, buying second pair for my child.