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Foot problems in children support shoes
Pronation STOP baby leather boots with heel support for walking.

High tops for baby with weak ankles walking problems and for stable walking toddler.
Has all the features of best ortho high top for a toddler.
Ortho high tops for a child with stable walking soles for kids with foot orthopedic problems.
Navy/lime leather with good arch support and proper ankle support for kids.
High arches for a child to shape kids feet properly and eliminate all the walking problems.
Anti smell leather soles for toddler, will never smell or get wet in those boots.
Quality boots imported from Europe for a child with feet problems.
Ankle pronation, pigeon toes, toeing in - all orthopedic problems caused by wearing low quality shoes as a child.
You can eliminate all foot problems with good quality walking shoes as those.

High tops for baby with weak ankles

Pronation STOP baby leather boots with heel support


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Nina C - Palo Alto, CA 2017-08-19 22:48:22

Expensive but this shoe is phenomenal quality. Soft, great support and adorable. Hip LA style just like we like to dress our son. Color is lime/navy like so they match any Fall outfit. Perfect shoe for a baby with wide foot and high instep. We also got a pair of slippers that are adorable and well made in France. It was my first order and shoes are top quality as indicated so I will be back of course.