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Foot pronation treatment shoes for kids. Baby house slippers with best for orthopedic support and foot pronation in kids. Heel supportive ankle support best house shoes.

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Brand: ZetPol

Product Code: Kwiatek Pink

Treatment house shoes for pronation

Foot pronation treatment shoes for kids.
Orthopedic house shoes for a child.
Sturdy heel, ankle support will not fold
Will hold the ankle in correct position when walking.
Notice the heel, it is higher then whole sole of the slipper
That is what is keeping the ankles supported and aligned.
They are not soft at the heel, they cannot be since they have to keep feet aligned.
Pink canvas with flowers
Use them in a house or daycare.
It is recommended that they used with rotation to leather ankle supportive shoe that child wears outside.
Rotation is a key - rotate between quality orthopedic shoes or slippers only.
Just because whatever quality shoe does to the foot (aligns it) the cheap one destroys and deforms kids feet further.
So basically good shoes for a child 24/7.
Avoid shoes from China they are the worst shoes that you can buy for a child since they deforming and destroying their feet and posture.
Breathable innersoles inside so no smelly feet innersoles ever.
Orthopedic bubbles inside as they should be.
Arch support is added to the sole of the slipper since rubber never goes flat and it will support foot to perfections.
Perfect house shoes for kids.
Those slippers are worn by every child in Europe.
They were invented by orthopedic doctor over 35 years ago.
Every child in Europe grew up on such house shoes, since they used to make the for us with laces.
Those are more fancier ones since upgrades where made to them.
Great quality like any shoe you buy from Europe.

Orthopedic house shoes for a child.

Pink slippers with arch for a toddler girl


Tamara D. New Hampshire - 28/08/2020

Best house-walkers I ever bought for my child. They are flexible with great heel support plus they have arch support inside. My daughter wears them in a house all the time. We also bought a pair in beige color for the daycare and she wears them there daily. Her feet are never wet, smell or uncomfortable. Wonderful slippers - just what little feet need. Thank you....I will shop again for sure.

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