Foot restore ankle boots for a child

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Sheja Gray

Foot restoring boots for a child from Spain
Leather ankle boots with actual orthopedic support
Ankle boots with gray and silver metallic leather.
Closes with double velcros.
They have ankle support that will not fold at the heel and that is just needed for ankle pronation.
Great arches present in the soles, not lining of the shoe
New technology used by best manufacturers in Europe today.
Will support and restore foot over time.
Wear only quality shoes on your child if you want to see improvement
Quality shoes align kids feet and sets them in proper position.
You will see a difference in about a year or so.
Do not buy cheap none supportive shoes for your child as you will deform and destroy their feet and posture.
Pigeon toe, ankle pronation are caused by wearing shoes when a child with no ankle support and no orthopedic arch.
Shoes have to be supported and fitted for a child so they correctly form their feet and posture.
In Europe we never place cheap shoes on any child as they deform and destroy kids feet.
Every child starts in orthopedic shoes and wears them till age 14
By that time feet, joins, ankles, keens whole posture is formed and person will have well formed feet in adulthood
Feet are ultra important since they carry whole body weight.
So imagine if they are pronated whole body gait will shift and person will experience first pain in feet and back by the age of 30
After that it will get worst and orthodics just to relive the pain will be need.

Ankle high top Biomecanics ankle boots

Spanish boots for a toddler with support


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