Foot supination beige high top baby shoes

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Jupa Beige

Foot supination fix high top baby shoes
Supination means when ankles go outwards, inwards it is called pronation.
Those shoes are perfect for both conditions since they ankle supportive.
Reinforced heel support that keeps foot in a packet.
Thanks to that reinforced heel support feet stay aligned and protected.
Over time they will restore toddlers feet and posture.
They feature good arch support, and antibacterial innersoles.
Child's feet will never restore over time by wearing such supportive shoes. 
Leather orthopedic walking shoes for a toddler with flat feet
Quality shoes worn as a child will provide needed support for walkers.
Child will experience total comfort in those shoes
Those shoes have been pediatric and made according to high standards.
Shoes are made in Europe and they are adorable.
Natural beige leather mixed with little gold.

Best shoes are ultra important for kids feet, posture, body gait and development.

Beige leather high top shoes

Leather orthopedic walking shoes for a toddler


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