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Brand: Garvalin

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Footwear that shape kids feet

Footwear that shape kids feet
Pigeon toe corrective sandals for kids with high arches
Quality sneakers for kids with arches made in Spain.
Best fit for orthodics with long velcros.
Gray orange leather.
High arch closed toe sandals for boys
Ankle supportive best for boys
Will not sweat in those sandals.
Made in Spain top quality shoes.
Ortho sandal that every child should wear instead shoes with plastic and rubber that smell.
Keens, Crocs, Sorel, cheap gym shoes, Stride Rite - those are not orthopedic shoes
They causing foot deformation in your children
Ask yourself one question
Since when shoes made out of rubber are good for your kids foot support?
Rubber is a none supportive, ultra sweat and smell material that shoes should never be made in a first place.
How they supposed to support your kids feet?
They flatten the foot, make it wider, and collapse your kids ankles and arches.
That is a pure effect of Crocks, Keens UGS, and other shoes that China produces.
Despise junk shoes for your child at all cost.
We Europeans do and we have well formed feet and posture.

Please Note: this style run small so one size up on them since soles run small in them.

Pigeon toe corrective sandals for kids

Good arch kids sandals for boys by Garvalin


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