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Genuine ortho girls soft leather boots for children

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Stella Navy

  • SKU: 55-20145
  • Genuine ortho boots for children

    Original genuine and made in Europe according to orthopedic standards set in Europe 

    European Ministry of Health Approved since they are genuine children boots. 

    High tops good ankle support for weak pronated ankles for children.

    High arches inside with genuine anti sweat soles present.

    Reinforced heel for ankle alignment in children
    Children need ankle support genuine shoes to be worn at all times.

    Great soft lamb leather used navy and pink mix.

    Best toddler high tops that you can buy for growing and forming feet.

    Avoid low grade cheap shoes sold locally in USA

    All the shoes sold at USA market are made in China.

    They do not support feet in any way, quite contrary they destroy kids feet causing all orthopedic problems

    Effects of wearing none genuine supportive children shoes are flat feet, pigeon toes, collapsed ankles and ankle supination.

    It is all caused by low grade shoes.

    That is why we in Europe never put low garbage shoes on our children.
    We only buy local genuine leather children shoes.

    They shot kids feet beyond repair.

    Orthopedic doctor suggested boots kids

    Corrective ankle support boots for kids.


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