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Blue leather sneakers for everyday for girls

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Appa Turquoise

  • SKU: 44-25
  • Girls ortho sneakers for daily wear.
    Great leather support best for ankle pronation girls ortho sneakers.

    Turquoise pink and white leather.
    Proper ankle ortho sneakers for girls.
    Sturdy back, ortho arches and none smell soles.
    Comfort all the way for girls
    Proper foot development ankle best ortho girls sporty shoes.
    Anti toe ortho best since shoes form girls feet and posture.
    Type of a sneaker that every child wears in Europe.
    As a result kids do not walk around with pronated, deformed feet.
    Money is spent on two pairs of quality shoes per season.
    No cheap none supportive shoes are allowed in Europe
    The reason is that they deform kids feet and destroy posture.
    Those girls sneakers are top quality with exceptional foot support.

    Great leather, good support for ankle pronation

    Comfortable girls sneakers


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