Girls ankle supportive Spanish boots

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Brand: Garvalin

Product Code: Sorta Gray

Girls gray leather boots with good ankle support.
Ankle supportive with reinforced heel present so feet will not be pronating in those shoes
Made out of gray leather and decorated with star.
Orthopedic arches at its best added to the soles of the model.
Orthopedic arch is molded into the sole of the shoe since all the shoes are made in Europe since 1990.
That way leather lining inside never goes flat but foot is always supported
Shoes are high at the ankle and that is what is needed for proper ankle support and foot alignment.
Best for regural to medium width feet.
Good soft soles with traction for child.
Will not smell at all even if worn with no socks

Antibacterial innersoles added to the soles so ok to wear them barefoot.
Soles breathe well and will not perspire in those shoes ever.

Perfect casual leather shoes for any season.
Proper shoes for a child with profiled soles - only kind children wear in Europe and end up with well formed feet and best posture.
Avoid any local shoes sold in USA - they are garbage and they deforming kids feet.
All orthopedic problems children display in USA are caused by cheap shoes made in China with zero support.
That is a reason for pigeon toe, pronation, tip toe walking - none supportive shoes from China that literally shot and destroy your kids feet during wear.
That is why in Europe shoes from China are prohibited from sale since they are not suitable to wear for any child.

Ankle supportive high tops for pronation

Orthopedic best arch and ankle support for a child


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