European gold sandals for baby girl with arch support

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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Gina Gold

Gold ankle sandals for a child from Europe
Best for support weak ankles and flat feet.
Good orthopedic arch support and anti sweat soles.
Perfect for a child with regural to wide feet.
They adjust easily on little feet.
They are gold and neutral to match just about anything.
Cute flower on the front.
Best new walking shoes for a toddler learning to stand, walk and take first steps.
Heel support for a child with weak ankles.
Pronated ankles best quality shoes for kids.

Simply beautiful style that will match any outfit.
Hard sole high tops for small children.
Medical shoes for kids with weak ankles.
Special shoes for toe walking kids with weak ankles.
Try them as they are super, super shoes for your child that will work to form her feet and set good posture.

Soft baby sandals with good ortho support

Soft sole sandals for baby with wide feet


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