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Gold ballerina flats for girls from Italy
Special Melania gold shoes for kids with good arch
Posture support gold flats with heel support from Italy
Melania Italy brand from Europe and manufactured in Italy.
Gold metallic leather flats that shimmer and they are unique and lovely shoes.
Dressy for outfit wear and casual enough to wear them daily with any Summer outfit.

Slip on style that is best for girls feet and those shoes do stay on their feet.
The heel is supported with rubber that keeps kids heel in a packet so they are not soft in the back like all the ballerina shoes.
The ankle is aligned at all times and keep kids feet alivated.
Decorative velcro is added to keep gold flats secure on even further.
When child is walking in them they will not slip so they stay on well.  
Orthopedic arch present and added to the sole of the gold model.
Flexible off-white rubber soles matching gold leather.
Great Melania gold ballerina flats for Spring/Summer season.

Melania children sandals from Italy Melania Italian corrective ortho shoes for children with good arch support. Quality shoes, flats, high tops for girls with proper orthopedic support. Weak ankles shoes for kids with orthopedic foot problems. Absolute best kids and baby shoes from Italy made by designer for kids by Melania. Quality leather used by Italian manufacturer by Melania. Key to those baby shoes is they shape kids feet properly and offer best support. Shaping baby kids feet is a long process. As feet grow, kids bodies grow feet are shaped by the shoes they have. Remember quality baby Melania shoes only so child grows up with well formed feet. Without any issues -no ankle pronation, no flat feet, no pigeon toes. European doctors only support quality orthopedic shoes for kids since they are the best for kids feet

Posture support shoes with heel support

Gold flats for girls with arches


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Jessie - 2014-02-04 22:12:13

Wonderful ballerinas and they made in Italia! That equals quality! I love them and we will enjoy them this Spring and Summer. Wonderful fit and quality as expected.

Roberta - Tampa, FL 2013-02-20 15:46:29

Great metallic ballerina! Basic simple and cute. Stays on feet really well. It has a rubber to hold the shoe on child's foot but it is not needed, they stay on well. My child wears them daily and by far they are her favorite shoes. Most importantly they are made in Italy so the quality is obvious. Thanks for fast shipping.