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Gold Designer Sneakers Girls | Made in France with Arches

Gold designer sneakers girls
Great to wear in Spring or Summer with no socks.
Designer, fashionable and gold leather makes them one of a kind.
France produces some of the best shoes for kids and many of them are unique as those in gold.
Those gold shoes close with size zipper and lace optional.
Perfect for gold color leather for Spring or Summer to wear with no socks
Child will be ultra comfy in those unique gold sporty walkers since they never smell due to special soles.
Arches added to the sole of the model since no flat gold shoes is ever produced in France.
Sole is molded professional in Europe and arch us added to the soles.
All gold shoes are made similar way in Europe - they are not build inside as they used to be before 1990.
That supportive sole is more effective then lining inside since leather is a soft pliable material and arch did go flat after constant wear.
Therefore when sole is molded to contour child's foot and arch is present since rubber never goes flat but supports child's foot through wear of the shoe.
Proper ankle support in those gold walkers present and will prevent lopsided heel.
Soft leather used on those great gold sneakers.
Made in France best gold designer sneakers for girls.
Best for regural, narrow and even wide instep.
You can adjust them easily with laces so they fit any instep.
Very light in weight with proper support.
Europe produces best gold or any other color shoes for kids since they are all orthopedic.
Those gold shoes form and shape girls feet and posture.
If you see girls pigeon toed or pronated that is a cause of wearing cheap shoes that will deform kids feet.
Plastic shoes, crocks, Keens, any sneakers, flats with no support - pretty much all the shoes sold in USA and made in China.
Just ask yourself how does rubber shoe with no support will support your child's feet?
They cause ankles to turn and collapse over time.
Those gold sneakers are not only supportive but restorative for kids feet.
European girls and women does not pigeon toe at all.
They wear quality shoes from baby to teen years and have well shaped feet and posture.
We sold many of that kind of sneaker in many colors but gold and silver was very popular.
Gold is neutral color that matches just about anything so they very versatile.

Orthopedic best summer gold sneakers for child

Fashion designer sport gold shoes from France


Leila C  -  19/12/2020

Very nice shoes, my daughter wore them entire Spring and Summer and they hold up very well. Feet do not smell in them either, easy on and off style. Great leather on them also, and they do not scuff. I will buy them again next season for sure. My daughter wore them very well and they been her favorite shoes by far.

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