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Product Code: Bafaria Gold

Gold Leather Sandals for a Girl Closed Heel | Pronation Corrective

Gold leather sandals for girls.
Lovely style, gold sandals dressy with super nice gold leather.
Cool flower is attached for decoration in super nice gold sandals.
This style is a perfect cross between orthopedic ugly shoe and elegant orthopedic style sandals
It has it all, ankle support, ortho arch, supportive sole and good arch.
Good thing is it is very well designed and well made.
They are perfect gold sandal to wear with any dressy outfit or casual for everyday.
They feature closed heel ankle supportive sandals for good ankle alignment.
That feature alone keeps kids feet supported and elevated and prevents it from ankle pronation.
Pronation is caused by wearing sandals with no ankle support when a baby.
Over time child's feet deform and pronate.
Just do not rotate them with any local sandals since they will deform kids feet
All the local sandals sold in USA are made in low cost Asian countries and they are not supportive not orthopedic.
Wearing such shoes as a child will destroy and deform ones feet.
That is why child has pronated ankles because of the shoes they have been wearing.
Thus high tops sandals are very important for kids from the start.
Good arches present inside with none sweat soles.
Proper style for older girl manufactured in Europe
Easily adjust on kids feet via double velcro.
Feet will not sweat in them at all due to special anti-sweat soles.
Lovely soft soles made out of rubber.
Beautiful style - fashion forward for girls.

Durable beyond any style you ever tried sine they manufactured in Europe.

Designed to support and form kids feet and ankles.
Over time joins, feet and posture will re-align and improvement will be visible.
Shaping kids feet and posture takes time, same way as deformation.
Proper gold sandals as those and good shoes form kids feet and cheap shoes with zero support deform and destroy kids feet.
Thus in Europe child wear only such quality shoes at all times.
They form and support their feet and posture and re-shape their feet.
Those gold sandals have it all - ankle support with a packet that keeps heel protected and aligned.
Good arch support and none sweat soles.
They align kids feet over time and you will notice immediate difference in child's walking.
Re-alignment of kids feet takes time, you will see a difference in about a year and clear improvement in about 3 years.
Important thing is do not rotate between cheap shoes that are not orthopedic.
Make sure child wears good shoes 24/7.
Reason for that is whatever good shoe aligns the foot the cheap one destroys the line up.
That is what we do in Europe and ever local doctor will confirm that. Europe has no business of orthodics like USA does and our medicine is not for profit.
Thus good shoes are made for children to prevent and correct any orthopedic problems.

Gold sandals for girls with flower

Ankle high ortho sandals for child


Edi, from SC - 28/08/2019

They are good and fit well since you can adjust them with 2 velcros. My daughter had rather slim feet and nothing seems to fit her. Gold is universal color and matches all the clothes we have for the Summer. Lovely style and well made with support inside. They are ankle high to support kids feet and my daughter has some pronation showing so they seems to help.

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