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Good ankle support orthopedic soft soles shoes

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Pepina White

  • SKU: pepina white
    • Good ankle support orthopedic arch soft soles.
    • White leather flower print casual shoes for Spring or Summer for a girl. 
    • White and multicolored flower leather print.
    • Arches present built into the construction of the soles
    • All the modern shoes for kids are manufactured like that
    • Companies in Europe buy soles from sole producers in Europe.
    • There is 4 of them in Europe now and they do all the fitting for kids.
    • Soles are locally manufactured not India, China or Vietnam
    • Why, since it is all about fit and quality and ortho support.
    • Sole cannot be too narrow, too wide, good arches in the soles added.
    • Then the soles are sold to shoe makers. 
    • They add the shoe, design, style whole manufacture is made locally. 
    • Thus every shoe is made in Europe and orthopedic.
    • Innersoles have anti sweat features so barefoot wear is ok.

    Flat foot best supportive shoes kids

    Good arch shoes for kids made with quality leather


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