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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Pepina White

Good ankle support orthopedic soft soles shoes

Good ankle support orthopedic arch soft soles.
White leather flower print casual shoes for Spring or Summer for a girl.
White and multicolored flower leather print.
Arches present built into the construction of the soles
All the modern shoes for kids are manufactured like that
Companies in Europe buy soles from sole producers in Europe.
There is 4 of them in Europe now and they do all the fitting for kids.
Soles are locally manufactured not India, China or Vietnam
Why, since it is all about fit and quality and ortho support.
Sole cannot be too narrow, too wide, good arches in the soles added.
Then the soles are sold to shoe makers.
They add the shoe, design, style whole manufacture is made locally.
Thus every shoe is made in Europe and orthopedic.Innersoles have anti sweat features so barefoot wear is ok.

Flat foot best supportive shoes kids

Good arch shoes for kids made with quality leather


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