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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Jarez Gray

Good arch walking high top snow snow boots for kids

Good arch walking high top snow boots for kids
Ortho support best snow boots for kids
Gray leather and green/red accent.
They close with zip and velcros
Arch present in those boots

Will not sweat in those boots.
Thick wool inside and Tem-Por lining that is waterproof.
Best walking boots for kids with proper arch support.
Snow proof for kids.
Perfect for Winter season.
Proper foot forming boots for a toddler,
Absolute best that you can buy
Snow boots are important for kids since they cannot be heavy.
They have to have arch support present and arches inside.
Invest in good shoes for your child since they form kids feet and posture

Ortho support best snow boots for kids

Warm snow boots for a baby with soft soles


Stacy D. - Boston, US - 23/12/2020

Best snow boots that I have bought for my son! Wore them entire winter and they look like new after constant wear. Warm light, flexible with best support. They wear so well in a winter that we will buy them again if available next winter. True quality - I just bought another pair of French shoes and he loves them as well - worth the money.

Rosa ...Denver, CO - 13/02/2020

Colors are fantastic on them and they are solidly made - I must say. I wanted a good snow boot for my 4 years old since I have been buying UGS and they deformed his ankles plus they soak many times over. You can see feet turning inwards and I never knew it was from the shoes. Impossible to buy quality shoes here in Denver - they are all crap and heavy Chinese made shoes. Those snow boots have arch, heel support and yes, they are waterproof since we tasted them very good here in Colorado. They are like Maseratti of shoes literally. I am buying sneakers now from that exact site since they sell European made shoes with actual support. Not crap shoes like all the kids wear in USA.

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