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Good arches kids white sneakers

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Samoa White

  • SKU: 2255478
  • Tags:  extra wide kids shoes

    Good arches kids sneakers in white leather
    Fancy white color with silver shimmer color with pink small flowers.
    Wide toe box for comfortable fit and best arches and support.

    Orthopedic arches present and acti fresh soles
    best arches sneakers.
    Arches are important in kids sneakers as they support and form their feet.
    Feet will collapse in none supportive flat sneakers with no arch is present.
    Will not sweat in those cool gym arches shoes

    Long velcros for easy closure with arches
    Absolute best arches sneakers for weak ankles
    Heel is supported at all times
    and they keep foot in a packet to prevent pronation
    Ankles are aligned and sturdy heel present.

    Any season good arches shoes for kids
    Orthopedic arches best made in Europe.
    Top top quality corrective arches sneakers for children that are beneficial to healthy feet and posture.
    European made out of best leathers and according to European Orthopedic Standards set by Ministry of Health.
    Shoes are ultra important for kids as they form and support their feet and posture.

    Flat foot best support sneakers for girls

    Wide width toe box girls sneakers


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