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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Zemma Brown

Best brand of boots for boys with correct ortho support

Good brand of shoes for a boy with orthopedic support.
Leather good arch, ankle support for kids with weak ankles.
Proper orthopedic shoes for a boy with actual support.
Perfect mixture of brown, blue and light blue leather.
Made in Europe according to orthopedic standards set by European Ministry of Health.
Those shoes are designed to correctly form and shape kids feet and offer proper orthopedic support.
Child with supination, pronation, pigeon toes, collapsed ankles, flat feet will greatly benefit from those shoes.
Over time they will realign ankles and improve child's feet.
This is the only kind of shoes are worn by kids in Europe and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
Shoes are important for kids as they shape kids feet and assist in correct posture formation.
If feet are deformed then entire posture deforms.
Every doctor will tell you that in Europe since we do not have any business of orthodics there.
Healthcare is not for profit like in USA, so footwear is viewed for kids are developmental product so only quality ones are sold and approved.
Try them you will be shocked how good those shoes are.
Nothing like that you can buy locally in any department store.

Leather good arch ankle boots for kids with weak ankles

Ankle high top boys boots for walking


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