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Good slippers ankle best for kids from Europe

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  • Good slippers for kids from Europe
    They truly the best quality house shoes that you can buy
    Children wear them for over 30 years now in many Euro countries.
    They are next best thing to leather high top shoe or sandal that child wears outside
    Those slippers are perfect indoor solution for the house or daycare.
    They feature profiled soles, none sweat soles since kids feet sweat more then adults.
    Wearing those no smelly, wet feet present.
    Proper ankle support to stabilize the feet and issue a proper foot alignment.
    Made out of air ventilated material with proper ortho also ventilated pink soles.
    Try them, we sell many of them every year locally and online.
    Clients buy them once they always return and buy next size.

    Ankle support best house shoes

    Flat foot orthopedic toddler slippers


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    Karina Menazzo, NJ 2019-12-27 22:28:57

    Thanks for offering those slippers in bigger sizes, my daughter grew up on them literally. Best house shoes for child with actual ankle support and good arches.