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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Vermont Gray

Gray leather boys closed back sandals with support

Gray leather boys closed back sandals
Flat foot heel supportive best boys sandals
Best for weak ankles and pronation that children develop due to none supportive shoes.
Switch to European supportive shoes and you see instant change and improvement in feet, posture and ankle alignment.
Those are the only sandals and shoes we place on children in Europe and we end up with well formed feet and posture.
It is important that children wear best shoes with actual support so their feet will develop correctly.
Those are healthy sandals for children with good support
Gray and blue leather.
Best comfort sandals for a child with weak ankles
Closed heel reinforced for pronating kids.
None smell and anti sweat soles present in those cool sandals.
High back support needed for children who do pronate.
Supportive and perfect in every way for Summer.
Type of a sandal that every child should wear to correctly form their feet.
Sandals are important for kids as the shoes and quality shoes are a key here for proper foot development.

Healthy shoes for children with good support

Flat foot heel supportive best boys sandals for walking


Lilly, Washington DC  -  07/04/2020

Supportive and nicely made sandals...arch visible and my son does not complain when he wears them. His feet pronate terribly since he never had any supportive shoes as a baby. I had no clue that shoes are that important for a kid and I never paid any attention. Now he wears orthodics (hates to wear them inside the shoes) plus supportive shoes. First time I bought those and he likes them a lot...will be buying that brand again for sure. Soft leather, nicely finished, great arch support and flexible sole. Expensive but worth it...

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