Children green ankle boots for a baby boy

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Brand: Bopy

Product Code: Ramzes Green

Green ankle boots for a boy from France. 
Super nice leather high tops for Fall. 
Unique colors green, turquoise, and brown leather.
Handsome stripes on the sides of the boots
Reinforced ankle support so they will not collapse ankles at the heel like all the USA sneakers are.
Orthopedic best and made in France for kids.
Flat foot support with best arch support that is added to the soles of that cool model.
Best for running and walking and daily wear.
Perfect to wear in a Fall and they are waterproof and perfect for rain.
Feet will never sweat in them due to special anti-sweat soles.
Arches present with best ankle support
Pronation preventive best for boys.
Easy to clean, just brush and water and dirt comes off
Flexible rubber soles with best traction for boys.

Support best kids boots with orthopedic support

Narrow width feet best sneakers for kids


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