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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Domer Navy

Hard soles ankle shoes for toe walking kids

Hard soles shoes for toe walking kids.
Yes, they are since they have reinforced heel present.
No shoes are soft in a back for any child since they need ankle support.
That feature alone keeps boys ankles supported.
Excellent support, arch, ankle alignment for kids.
Arches are added into the hard soles of the shoes and leather lining goes on top.
The whole support is in the sole of the shoe.
Technology in Europe changed for better in 1990 and now all the arches are in the hard soles of the shoes.
Rubber never goes flat to imagine the hard soles carrying the whole support.
Orthopedic best walking shoes for boys with best support.
Soles are sturdy rubber supportive and hard soles.
They are not stiff - just supportive hard with stable rubber for walking.
Teen boys walking shoes for ankle supination.
Made out of navy, gray and jeans leather.
Close with side zipper and optional laces.
Arch support present and anti sweat hard soles inner soles.
Good hard soles for walking stable supportive hard.
Cool looking sneakers that tie with laces and offer side zipper for easy access.

Orthopedic best walking shoes for boys with best support

Excellent support, arch, ankle alignment for kids


Lilly Moreno, TX - 26/12/2019

Great well made shoes, my son closed them with zippers and he loved them. Glad they still have size bigger since that is what I just bought again.

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