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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Italia Pink

Healthy Snow Boots for Children

Healthy snow boots for children
Yes, they are absolute quality snow boots for girls and they are healthy.
They offer it all, orthopedic support, functionality, durability and absolute fashion.
Good arches present in the soles and ankle support in those healthy snow boots.
Pink leather flower decorative boots.
Warm wool inside and lined with waterproof gortex
They will never leak any water or snow.
Laces are decorative only, closes side zipper.
Those boots are superior and that is an understatement.
Try them you will be pleased how good they wear in a winter and cold snow.
Europe makes best snow boots and they are orthopedic.
They are healthy functional and well made and fitted for average child's foot.
Avoid cheap snow boots as they deform girls feet.
UGS are popular but they are the worst for their feet.
No ankle support, wide sole and over time shifts girls feet into pigeon toe condition.
Look at image, are they supportive - absolutely not.
Child will end up pigeon toed and pronated.
Flat feet will also develop as UGS sole is flat with zero support.
Stay with healthy shoes for your child.

European made snow boots fashion

Waterproof tall snow boots girls


Liv, C  -  19/10/2020

Very good and warm with real wool inside. Cute pink color also. My daughter likes them and been wearing them already everyday - even there is no snow still but they perfect for rainy weather also.

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