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Red heel support baby shoes with arches

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Brands Garvalin

Product Code: Gabe Red

  • SKU: 14-14
  • Heel supportive baby shoes with good arch
    Red patent baby shoes decorated with stars.
    Weak ankles
    pronation best high tops for kids.
    Made in Spain and offers best ortho support for a child.
    None sweat soles and great arches.
    Perfect casual or dressy style for a child.
    Runs small so order size up.
    Those are proper ortho shoes for new walkers.
    European kids wear only such shoes and they end up with perfect feet and posture.
    No cheap shoes are allowed for sale in Europe as they deform kids feet.
    Good shoes cost money in Europe since it is a time consuming process to manufacture them.
    Shoes from China are not orthopedic and not supportive, all they do is destroy and deform kids feet.

    Red patent baby shoes with best orthopedic support

    Made in Spain out of best quality leather


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    Sylwia 2018-06-13 16:27:07

    Lovely shoes but not for wide feet, regural to narrow I say. My baby has extra chubby feet so those shoes are too narrow for her and cut into her foot. Sorry had to return them. Lovely shoes, great support - too bad we could not keep them.