Heel support sandals for a boy child with ankle problems

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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Somerset Blue

Heel support sandals for for boy with ankle problems
Pigeon toe ankle problems corrective or left foot turning inwards corrective shoes.
Best for heel support for a child with ankle problems
Supination corrective ankle problems shoes for kids.
They are also great for ankle pronation since they feature reinforced heel
They are high in the back and foot literally drops into them when child has them on.
Back of that shoe is sturdy and well supported - despite that they appear to be low at the heel
The effect is the same as in those ankle high shoes or boots.

Regular width to wide with long velcro straps.
Easy fit for orthodics into kids corrective ankle shoes.
Aches are present and high for flat feet good ankle shoes.
Has insoles for flat feet present in those foot problems fix ankle sandals
Made out of blue, jeans and red smooth leather.
Ankle supportive best for pronation in kids.
Over time they will align kids feet and set their feet and posture correctly
Good support foot and could be worn barefoot in those ankle shoes.
This is a true caliber of the ankle sandal - made in Europe not China
Ankle shoes made in Europe are only supportive.
Ankle, ankle, ankle, ankle are collapsing due to child wearing cheap shoes that are soft in the back of the style.
Avoid low quality shoes and rubber sandals for your children they destroy your kids feet .
95% of orthopedic problems are caused by low quality ankle problems sandals worn by a child.
That is why parents in Europe never buy cheap child ankle problems shoes for kids but 2 pairs per season (6 months) of quality ankle shoes
Pigeon toes, flat feet, ankle problems pronation is caused by cheap child sandals - condition develops over time and parents notices that something is not correct.
Don't think of ankle sandals as ankle sandals for child - think foot forming product.
That is what we Europeans see shoes for child as corrective ankle problems supportive shoes.

Wide with baby walking sandals with arches

Kids ortho sandals with support


Leslie C  -  01/03/2022

Perfect for wide feet, and great support inside. Pristine leather, light in weight and my son runs in them nicely. Great buy...Made in Europe to top that off....

Steven  -  08/06/2021

Very nice sandal and they fit well. Thanks,

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