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Heel support snow boots for kids

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Spinacz Gray

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  • Heel support snow boots for kids
    Meaning they have reinforced heel added that is preventive for ankle pronation.
    Heel is supported and reinforced and keeps boys foot in a packet
    That is what is needed supportive shoes, boots or sneakers.
    By forming kids feet correctly with those shoes child will have well formed feet and body gait will be supported.
    Just think about whole body - it is carried by feet
    If feet are deformed then whole body gait will be affected.
    That is why in Europe we never ever put cheap shoes from China on any of our kids.
    Boots or shoes in general are ultra important for children since they form their feet.
    Those boots are light in weight and easy to walk in.
    Best for walking in a deep snow since they are lined with real sheep wool.
    They are high covering child's ankles - like in a mid of their calf so they are perfect for deep snow.
    Waterproof and snow proof for any boy for winter.
    Absolute best snow boots for your child.
    Made out of the best quality blue, gray and charcoal leather.
    Gortex and wool mix for waterproof effect.
    Wool is a natural material so feet will not smell.
    Orthopedic arch present inside and it is added to the sole of every model in Europe.
    Best for wide feet and high instep boy with truly great support.
    European made - top quality snow boots

    Walking orthopedic boots for kids with wool

    The sheep wool that will not perspire


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