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Heel supportive sheep boots for foot problem

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Manufacturer Murek

Product Code: Morena Pink

  • SKU: 55-4578
  • Heel supportive boots for foot problem
    Orthopedic best for snow and cold winter.
    They have all the features of ortho boots since in Europe nothing else but orthopedic is manufactured.
    Boots for pronated feet in kids with supportive heel.
    High arches, supportive corrective medical snow boots that will support and restore pronated feet over time.
    Boots are soft leather and lined with gortex and warm wool inside.
    They are made out of sheep leather and soft beyond anything you ever held in your hand.
    Absolute best for a child since they are light like feather yet supportive and waterproof.
    Pink/white leather and velcro close.
    This is an example of a boot that every child wears in Europe.
    No cheap none orthopedic boots are ever allowed for sale.
    Either orthopedic or nothing.
    Every foot doctor and pediatrician in Europe will confirm that shoes affect posture and feet.
    They form feet and that affect whole body gait.
    If feet are deformed then entire body shifts and it will cause pain in a feet, knees and body gait.

    High arches corrective medical snow boots

    Warm snow boots for a toddler with wool


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    Kaja 2013-11-14 16:01:24

    I had those exact snow boots last year in a purple color. My child wore them non-stop in deep snow and they never leaked water through.

    Rene Watson, Canada 2013-11-01 14:01:42

    I have been a client of that store for nearly 4 years now and I never had any shoe from them that I did not like nor was a poor quality. They truly sell only quality shoes. I usually buy a brand that I never heard of or seen anywhere else and they always turn to be best shoes for my girl. It seems that they have many shoes made in Poland and they are truly the best ones. This shoe is a gem as well. Real sheep wool inside those amazing boots and they are flexible and well made. I tested them in a snow already and they passed with flying colors.

    Pat N. Vermont, US 2012-12-06 14:22:15

    Those boots look heavy, bulky but in fact they are weightless! Very flexible, cute and that wool inside is like cherry on the top! My baby took off in them in a second and begun to run in them. You just can't compare them to UGS - they are garbage compare to those boots. (even original ones that cost $120 here in Vermont). This was my first order from that site and I am sure it will not be my last. My next door neighbor buys shoes from that store and she raves about the quality of those shoes. Now I know why.....I will be back in a Spring.

    Jena - Ontario, Canada 2012-09-23 19:23:31

    Superb!!!!! - 100 stars or better. Those boots are the best I ever saw for a child. Flexible, excellent leather and that wool inside is amazing. They light a s a feather as well. Thank you for wonderful quality product. We will shop again for sure.