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Heel supportive leather beige boots for boys

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Manufacturer Krakus

Product Code: Casa Beige

  • SKU: 55-4578569895
  • Heel supportive leather boots for boys
    Best correction heel supportive boots for children with pronated and turned in ankles.
    Heel of the boot it sturdy stiff and well supported.
    It will not bend when child is wearing those heel supportive boots.
    Ankle and heel is reinforced with special leather back.
    That affect alone prevents ankle pronation, pigeon toes and other orthopedic problems child might develop.
    Those are very durable leather heel supportive boys shoes.
    Sporty beige, orange and lime leather heel best shoe for a child
    Great fit for regural to wide feet child.
    Top quality high top heel supportive heel best boots for posture alignment in kids.
    Could be worn in a rainy weather.
    Arches present with none sweat soles.
    Fashionable designer heel supportive boots for any boy.
    Healthy heel supportive boots for a boy that will assist in proper foot development.

    High top boots for posture alignment in kids

    Great arch support, ankle support


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