High arch insole good arch shoes for a child

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Fergus Blue

High arch insole shoes for a child
Support boots for a toddler with feet problems.

Arch support boots designed to form and shape child's foot
They offer best ankle and ortho support for a child.
Blue gray and orange lamb leather used.
Absolute top quality leather boots that you can buy for a child.
This is type of boot is a standard in Europe and every boy wears them
They correctly support kids feet, spine, knees, back and posture.
We call them orthopedic boots in Europe but in USA they called quality shoes.
We never put low grade shoes on out children - never, and never shoes made in China.
The reason for that is they deform kids feet since they do not offer proper orthopedic support
Instead they shot kids feet and causing flat feet, pigeon toes and ankle pronation.
Quality shoes as those support and form kids feet - no other shoes will do it but those made in Europe
Foot wear for kids is expensive in Europe but there is a reason for that, they are well measured and have proper support.
Quality of leather and materials are the best and workers gets paid living wages.

Best ankle support boots for a toddler

High top leather boots for kids.


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