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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Jordan Blue

High arch kids sneakers for teen kids from Europe

High arch sneakers for kids from Europe
Narrow to regural width best sneakers for boys or girls
Best quality with soft leather used for proper support.
Blue and gray leather with high arch added into the soles of the model.
Fully adjustable style with velcros.
Proper orthopedic arches present and none sweat soles.
Children feet grow till they are about 15 years old so quality shoes are needed.
Feet are formed by the type of shoes child wears.
They form their feet, ankles, posture
98% of orthopedic problems children display is caused by low quality shoes.
Shoes are very important for children since they form their feet.
European countries are the only ones making proper supportive shoes for children.
No low cost country makes them as orthopedic shoes cost money to make.
They are correctly measured, fitted and good support is added.
Europeans gets paid living wages for any work they do
Just like in USA so quality costs money.
Don't think of shoes as shoes for kids - we in Europe see them as need for a child.
Kids wear only best shoes as those and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
No cheap shoes are allowed for sale in Europe.

Wide width best sneakers for boys

Comfort high arch sneakers for kids with support


Sara  -  27/11/2019

My son's favorite shoes by far! My God he almost destroy them into peaces but they hold up so well. Despite him torturing him daily they held up fantastic. Great supportive sneakers for kids - truly they are. I will be buying that brand for Summer again and I just ordered a leather boot from this company. Great quality shoes they sell here - truly moneys worth!

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