Sturdy supportive toddler orthopedic shoes

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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Profila Turquoise

High arch supportive baby shoes
Proper learning to walk toddler shoes
Have all the components of quality shoe
Good stiff soles (they bend of course)
Ankle is protected with reinforced heel that every baby does need.
Babies and toddlers have weak ankles so shoes with rubber fitted soles and supportive ankles are a must.
High tops they called and European ones are the best of course.
Soles, width, ankle support, reinforced heel is all measured by every European manufacturer.
None sweat innersoles so baby will never sweat in those shoes, they absorb moisture from little feet.
Could be worn barefoot, but wear them with socks few times so they adjust and expands since leather expands about 30%
Proper arch and ankle support so child does not develop collapsed ankles.
Best leather used on those blue shoes
Turquoise and white leather with flower

Stable soles for walking.
Absolute best shoes that you can buy for your baby.
Shoes are made and measured in Europe
We never sell shoes made in China they are the worst for kids feet.
Deform baby's feet over time.
All the orthopedic feet problems arise from cheap shoes with no support.
Europeans invest in best shoes for their children and they end up with well formed feet and best posture.
This is due to the shoes they wear as children.
No cheap shoes from China with zero support for any child.
You can save your child's feet with quality shoes only
Child only needs 2 pairs of good shoes per season for rotation.

Ankle high leather blue shoes for girls

Good arch walking shoes for toddlers


Lola - Willowbrook  -  20/05/2020

Lovely shoes and support is great.....thanks,

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