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Quality sandals for girl wide for high instep

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Pipi Gray

  • SKU: 99-4256
  • High instep closed toe sandals for toddler girl
    Wide to double wide style for a girl with wide feet and high instep.
    Long velcros that perfectly adjust for chubby feet with high instep fit.
    Closed toe sandals for a child with good ankle support.
    Arch support is perfect for kids with high back support
    Ankle is supported with reinforced heel and that alone prevents pronation.
    Kids pronate due to shoes with no ankle support -
    All shoes from China have no arch no ankle support thus deform kids feet causing pronation.
    Ankle is not supported in cheap shoes thus feet deform and collapse over time.
    Heel in those closed sandals is reinforced and totally supported.
    When child wears them whole foot stays in a packet of the model keeping it elevated and supported.
    Best kids sandals for weak ankles as they support and form kids feet over time.
    Stable ankles
    with proper heel support for pronation support.
    Gray and yellow leather with hint of white.
    Cute polka dot print and perfect sandals for a child.
    Sandals will test well in ultra hot weather despite being closed style
    Good none smell innersoles - no smelly feet ever.
    Actifresh innersoles inside for none sweat effect in those cute sandals.
    Close back and closed toes
    Lovely sandal style for a new walker
    Important thing to mention is that sandals for children are regulated by Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
    Meaning local shoes are produced in Europe, out of local materials and all of them are orthopedic.
    Shoes manufactured in Europe are top quality and they are designed to form and support kids feet and posture.
    We do not put any cheap none supportive shoes on any child, good shoes for every child since their feet are formed by shoes they wear.
    Those shoes are not only for kids with feet problems but all children in general and those with orthopedic problems as well.
    Once child wears those shoes over time all orthopedic problems improve and disappear with time.
    Those sandals align body gait, posture, weak ankles, support flat feet, and prevent pigeon toes and ankle pronation.
    Only shoes manufactured in Europe as those are orthopedic.
    Don't accept cheap copies from China since they are not orthopedic but pure imitation of supportive shoe.
    Shoes of that caliber are crafted with care and measured correctly and that is a key to orthopedic shoes.

    Closed toe girls sandals with high back

    Best sandals for weak ankles


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