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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Bengy Blue

Heel support pronation stop boys boots

High top made with leather and heel support
Blue leather dressy boots for a child with flat feet and weak ankles.
Wide feet and high instep best boots for a child.
Sharp boot for a child, elegant will match just about any outfit.
Reinforced ankle support effective for pronation and weak ankles.
Orthopedic arches present with antibacterial soles.
Best for wide feet and high instep kids.
As usual top quality from Europe only.
Why, we invest in kids feet simply because they need good shoes for proper foot development.
Only best shoes as those will form your child's feet.
No orthodics or low quality shoes will ever do that.
Even local pediatricians will tell you child will outgrow various feet conditions.
Well, they will not!
It will never happen, feet will deteriorate even further.
Those orthopedic boots will do the job.

Wide width high instep boots for kids

Waterproof leather boots for kids with arches


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