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Blue house shoes for a baby girls talking first steps

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Bunia Blue

  • SKU: 12-15
  • Slippers for a child with good arch
    House shoes for a baby talking first steps.

    Made out of blue/pink canvas material featuring a kite.
    Close with a fully adjustable clip.
    Shoes hug the foot perfectly giving stable soles.
    Arches present with ortho support.
    Flexible blue breathable air ventilation rubber sole.
    Stable ortho house shoe walkers for kids
    Parents like those shoes for children as new walkers
    High arches present, best tennis shoes for kids.

    Slippers for a child with good arch

    Good arch kids slippers for daycare


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    Barb D. Chicago,IL 2013-08-02 15:27:31

    Great quality...I got them as an extra to wear in the house and they are truly fantastic little walkers. Great arch, support - love that clip on the site - keeps those little shoes on!

    Anna C. Justice, IL 2013-07-22 21:07:49

    Great! Supportive, well made and my baby walks in them all day long. We use them indoors as well as outside since it is Summer. Her little feet are supported (in the back of the heel) that is important that her ankles do not collapse. I just don't understand why parents place soft shoes on their kids that it is not supportive nor orthopedic. Later kids walks with collapsed ankles - I see that all the time when we are in the part or at the play group. Strange really....

    Sandra from Victoria, AU 2012-03-02 15:28:15

    Hello from Aussie land! I just want to write a quick review on those wonderful slippers that my baby just LOVES! They are adorable and they offer excellent support for little feet. We are in a Summer season now and she wears them all the time. Her feet are always dry and comfortable. We also got wonderful leather sandals from you and they are superb as well. I truly appreciate quick ship to Victoria. My next door neighbor buys shoes from you guys for 5 years now and she had the best things to say about the shoes you sell and service you offer. I am surly be one of your best customers from Australia. Thank you and God Bless. Sandra