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Hyperpronation weak ankles children leather shoes

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Cebula Fushia

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  • Hyperpronation children leather shoes
    Shoes for kids with walking problems and pigeon toes
    Back of the shoe is stiff, sturdy and will never bent
    It is reinforced with special leather heel that will support hyperpronated feet.
    High arches present like in all European made shoes.
    Cute fuchsia leather with polka dot print leather.
    Proper casual shoes for child that will assist in healthy foot development.
    Feet are formed by shoes child wears so it is important that they are good quality and orthopedic.
    Shoes are very important for kids since they support whole body.
    If feet are deformed whole body gait will shift causing various problems.
    Europeans prevent orthopedic problems in kids with good leather ortho shoes as those.
    Kids wear only such caliber shoes and they end up with good posture and well formed feet.
    It honestly has nothing to do with fashion, but proper development of kids feet.
    They are expensive in Europe as well since manufacturing process, cost of materials and how they are fitted on kids feet costs money.
    It is worth it, good shoes equals well formed feet.

    High arch shoes for girls with good arches

    Excellent orthopedic arch and antibacterial innersoles


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    Nema, Kansas 2016-01-23 12:09:00

    Adorable shoe with best support ever. Wonderful, colorful and truly made for a child in Europe. Thank you - very nice product.